May 7, 2009

CiM - Do Not Multiply Models (2004, Ann Aimee)

Ann Aimee is a sub-label of Amsterdam's Delsin Records, and both are dedicated to carrying on the IDM ((Intelligent Dance Music) sound pioneered in the early-mid '90s on labels like Warp Records and Rephlex. CiM is the solo project of Simon Walley, who made a stir in the IDM community between '98-'00, releasing five 12"s and a full-length. CiM's "Service Pack" 12" was one of the first releases to get people paying attention to Delsin, who are still releasing 12"s and CD's actively each year and getting more attention on the dance floor. The sound is a warm blend of analog and digital synthesizer tones and computerized drum machine beats. Lush synth strings and melancholy sequences are reminiscent of Bochum Welt and the Rephlex sound, but the drum programming is much more intricate and futuristic, incorporating tricky DSP effects and low bit-rate samples. "Do Not Multiply Models' compiles all the tracks from "Service Pack" as well as the follow-up "Warm Data" 12" on UK label deFocus, plus a compilation track, all remastered for optimum sonic clarity. This is very listenable electronica, and a great introduction to the artist and modern IDM style. There is a nice blend of percussive workouts and pleasant tonal sequences, without too much abrassive distortion or glitchiness (two qualities I'm generally not fond of in IDM). I enjoy having music like this on while I work on the computer, as it is mentally stimulating and dynamic, without any distracting vocals or noisy outburts. Shortly before the release of this CD, CiM also put out a 12" of new material entitled "Noki Bay" in late '03, and it is great stuff. Ann Aimee artists Alex Cortex and Delta Funktionen are also well worth checking out, Cortex in particular exploring similar IDM territory to CiM, Delta producing excellent deep techno tracks. Unfortunately there hasn't been anything new from CiM since "Noki Bay", so hopefully there will be a release forthcoming soon...