March 27, 2010

DJ Tanuki Experience : new radio show every Monday!

I moved to Portland, OR about three months ago, and have been so busy I forgot to update my blog!

I am pleased to announce my new weekly radio show on Portland Radio Authority, a cool local community internet radio station in SE Portland. My show is on Mondays from 4-6PM PST, and you can tune in online at:

There are actually lots of really good DJs involved with PRA, and you can listen all day for FREE! I will endeavor to post tracklists and mp3s of some of the mixes I make, but no promises!

Lastly, I have been keeping a log of everything I've listened to in 2010 on Twitter... its fun! I only list full-length releases that I listen to from start to finish, not just individual tracks/shuffle mode. If I listened to the whole thing, you can assume it is "worth listening to!"